Less Trouble. More Light. The Handyman's Choice for Professional Trouble Lights, Work Lights, Shop Lights, Replacement Bulbs & Cords. Made in Michigan.

  • Reliable & Safe

    Reliable & Safe

    When you’re working you always need more light. With the LED Trouble Free Work Light you get the brightness of a 250-300 watt light bulb in a 8 watt lamp. It is impossible to burn you or anything it touches and it’s liquid resistant. Safe, durable and reliable.

  • Early in the Morning

    Early in the Morning

    When you’re up early day in and day out, you need a reliable work light to help you get the job done.

  • It’s Time to Get Things Done

    Watch this video for a demonstration of the Trouble Free Work Light’s benefits and easy instructions on how to retrofit the Trouble Free Work Light on to your existing cord.  In three easy steps you can have a much safer, brighter, better light.