In 2010, TFL Lighting, Inc. was formed as a Michigan corporation.  Our first and primary product, the Trouble Free Work Light, was developed as a safer, brighter and more durable replacement to the old “trouble light”.  With a simple 3 step process, the Trouble Free Work Light could be retrofitted onto a customer’s old “trouble light” cord.  Because good stewardship is a hallmark of the American work ethic….”Why throw something away (a perfectly good cord) when it’s the light on the end of the cord that is the problem?”

Using new technology and innovation to provide an even better product for our customers, the LED version was developed a few years later.  The LED light uses state-of-the-art made in Michigan circuitry and the light gives off no heat and uses no glass.  Since this new product was launched, more than 90% of the work lights we sell are the LED version.  In an effort to provide other products to meet our customers’ needs we also offer  cords and reels and high output LED ceiling lamps.

Our mission is to offer brighter, safer, more durable lighting options to the hard working men and women who need them.  We are NOT in business to sell you something you don’t want or need.  We truly believe that our products will assist you in a better and safer working environment, in the shop, garage or on the farm.

Our ultimate goal for being in business is to reflect the Truth of John 9:5 that Jesus is the light of the world.