About Our Lights

1. Brighter More Durable

Trouble Free Work Lights are available in an LED version and the original CFL version.

LED-The LED lamp is nearly twice as bright as the CFL version and is rated for 35,000 hours.  The light uses only 8 watts of energy. 98% of the lights that we now sell are the LED lights.

CFL-The original 20 watt CFL lamp is 33% brighter than a standard 100 watt incandescent bulb.  The CFL lamp is rated for 8,000 hours of life, which lasts about eight times longer than standard incandescent trouble lights and uses 1/5th of the energy of a 100-Watt incandescent bulb.

2. More Rugged

Both versions of the Trouble Free Work Light are rugged and resistant to bangs, bumps and drops.  The rubber, shock-absorbing washer cushions the bangs, bumps and drops it will have in everyday use.

The poly-carbonate plastic shell and optional steel cage also protect the light against impact.

The LED light’s circuitry is encased in poly-carbonate plastic and contains NO GLASS.  The CFL light’s glass is treated with “Tuff-Coat” material for strength and shatter resistance, however, we all know that glass is not unbreakable.

3. Safer

All Trouble Free Work Lights are safe to touch, so they are easy to use and won’t burn you when working in tight spaces.

The light’s electronics are tightly sealed and water resistant, so there’s no need to worry when it gets a little wet.

 4. More Convenient

Quickly retrofitted onto your existing cord/base/handle combos or pull-down reel, the Trouble Free Work Lights are an easy upgrade.

  1. With your cord unplugged, simply remove the existing cage and use the included clamp in the place of the cage to prepare the cord. It may be necessary to lift up the terminal in the socket.
  2. Slide on the impact-absorbing, waterproof rubber washer.
  3. Screw in your new Trouble Free Work Light.

Watch the video above for a demonstration of this process.

Our Trouble Free Work Lights also come with a 360° rotating hook for convenient use.

The LED lamp was designed to fit in any Trouble Free Work Light we have ever made.  If you want to upgrade your existing CFL version to an LED, the lamp can be purchased alone without purchasing an entire new light.

What Others Have to Say about Our Lights:

People love our Trouble Free Work Lights.

  • Hemmings Muscle Machines – Charlie Ascher Review
  • Old Cars Weekly – John Gunnell Review
  • http://www.christmasautogarage.com/sponsors-and-products/ (see our lights being used on the upcoming season of Fat and Furious http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/fat-n-furious/)
  • Kent County MI Road Commission mechanics say “it’s durable”, “it’s bright”, “I don’t have to worry about a drip of water blowing out the bulb and it never gets hot”, “it takes a lot of abuse”
  • “I bought the light with a magnet and cage at the rod run and this thing is phenomenal! Turns out I should’ve bought the drop cord also. I was showing my brother in law the light and it turns out the bulb was tougher than my old drop cord lol. Outstanding product. I’ve dropped, banged and had other assorted mishaps and have had no problem with the product. The magnet is very strong and frees up the other hand for working. I love not burning myself and stopping because I’ve broken another bulb. Great job!” Steve B., Alabama

Warranty Information:

Trouble Free Lighting offers a one (1) year limited warranty on all parts, except for glass breakage and breakage due to out of the ordinary wear that comes from normal use.

Please note that as rugged as Trouble Free Lights are, glass is always breakable.  We will also not warranty breakage due to activities such as throwing or running over the light.